Cloud is Everywhere
How to Protect Data Security?

After the recent global economic turmoil, enterprises start to find out ways to lower operations costs, which, on the other hand, accelerates the development of cloud computing. As the technology helps reduce investment and operation costs effectively, enterprises must start setting up the blueprint for cloud computing in order to catch up with their competitors.

Cloud applications are everywhere. Users can easily access to their data through Internet, making the tasks of backup and security even more important. Therefore, how to protect data security will be critical to the future development of cloud computing.
Security Becomes the Barrier to Promote Cloud
The advantages of cloud computing is undeniable but many users concern about the “cloud security”, afraid of the disclosure of commercial and federal secrets, as well as personal privacy. As in a few months ago, Sony PlayStation Network has been hacked with over 100 million customer information being stolen, causing a serious issue on the security of cloud services. This incident led the enterprises to examine their systems. For instance, if the information being stolen is some top business secrets, such as operations data and secret recipes, etc., that will directly lower their competitiveness.
  Nevertheless, no technology is 100% secure. There are four factors enterprises may need to consider:  
1) Budget of enterprises for investment in the IT security system and software;
2) Possibility of the enterprises being hacked;
3) Possible loss will cost the enterprises if being hacked; and
4) Benefits of cloud computing system for enterprises.
If 4) is more significant than the sum of 1) to 3), enterprise users should not hesitate and set up their own cloud computing system for business development, as well as to seek a trustworthy service provider to solve the security problem.
Choosing the Right Cloud Service Provider
  Based on my experience, to prepare for the best security for cloud computing, enterprises must rely on a trustworthy service provider. User can take certification, prices and reputations into consideration. For certification, does the service provider have professional certification for such technology? Is the service provider officially certified? Do they cooperate with vendors who are not officially certified? Those factors can put cloud computing service at risk.  
Besides, we shall make our decision on IT technology not only the price concern, but also the level of technology. Every IT technology is in line with a certain amount of cost, if the cloud service provider offers the cloud computing services at an extremely low price, the client should pay more attention to the service details, make sure it covers the most comprehensive service and protection.
Finally, the reputation of the service provider is also important. Enterprises can have a reputation check the background, service history, technology provided, soft-and hardware of the service provider. As quality service providers usually earned some professional reputation, we can choose the right cloud computing provider by looking for relevant user reviews. For cloud computing services, DYXnet, Greater China’s leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) service provider, teamed up with Dell and VMware to launch Cloud Dedicated Hosting service, targeting to meet the needs of enterprises with competent service performance and security capability through this professional partnership.
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