STAR MEDIA - Smooth Network Connection of Less Worry, Less Manpower and Less Costs

With the grown popularity of MPLS VPN implementation, many enterprises that are used to adopt dedicated leased lines start switching to MPLS VPN services gradually. In fact, many enterprises using MPLS VPN instead of traditional corporate network have developed more reliable technical protection, enjoying the convenience brought by MPLS VPN. STAR Media is one of them.

STAR Media, a subsidiary wholly-owned by News Corporation, is a pioneer of media entertainment in Asia, mainly targeting India and Greater China. In Taiwan, STAR Media provides viewers with popular programmes through STAR Chinese Channel, STAR Movies, Channel [V], which become top Chinese TV channels being broadcasted in North America, Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

To cater the communications needs with the Program Production Department in Hong Kong, STAR Media (Shanghai) adopted DYXnet’s 4M MPLS VPN service and found out the quality network of DYXnet not only was cost-effective, but also consumed less human resources.

Network Enables Peace in Mind

Mr. Andy Pan, IT Manager of STAR Media (Shanghai), stated that, at the beginning, they had adopted dedicated leased line of high rental costs and were required to invest in their own routers. However, the major concern was, they were also responsible for the maintenance of routers, which led to more human resources allocation.

Mr. Pan said, “Overall, adopting DYXnet’s service can help enhance our service quality while saving nearly half of our costs, which is the most important to us.”

Mr. Pan also highlighted that DYXnet’s ONE NetTraffic service. Before deploying ONE NetTraffic, they need to monitor network traffic by other software; but now, they can use DYXnet’s network monitoring platform to keep track of network traffic, which is a surprise for them.

The Best After-sales Service is No Service Required

When being asked how DYXnet’s after-sales service like, Mr. Pan smiled and continued, “To be frank, I do not have such experience yet as our network never fails.”

Many electrical appliance manufacturers said that, the best after-sales service is no service required, which makes the comments from Mr. Pan a very high opinion. However, there may be some occasional faults caused by adopting too many lines or coming from service providers’ hardware problems. Therefore, DYXnet’s network management centre and 24/7 customer service centre are ready to solve any problems in a short period of time.

Superior Service to Share

Mr. Pan concluded, “I am satisfied with DYXnet’s network service. Our management is happy that the service helps us save nearly half of the costs. I believe, when anyone asks for my opinions in the future, I will highly recommend DYXnet’s services.”

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