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DYXnet Named Winner of "Greater China's Most Reliable ICT Service" at the "Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies Services Awards"
DYXnet Group, Greater China's leading ICT (Information and Communications Technology) service provider, proudly announced on March 29, 2013 that the Group was named "Greater China's Most Reliable ICT Service" at the "Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies Services Awards" by Mediazone Publication Group, attended the official awards presentation ceremony and gala dinner held on March 28, 2013. This year, a total of 40 winners bagged home the "Hong Kong's Most Valuable Company" awards...
  Case Study
Quality Solution and Service for Large Chained Retail Enterprises
Red Star Macalline , a household name of large chained furniture store in China, is among the top 30 of China¡¦s top 100 state-owned enterprises. Founded in 1986, Red Star Macalline always stands firm on its mission to help customers to build a warm and harmonious home.
Currently, it operates 111 malls in 82 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
DYXnet¡¦s ¡§Fortune-telling, Feng Shui and Physiognomy of the Year of Snake¡¨ Talk
–March 21, 2013 (Hong Kong)
BUD Fund Briefing Seminar
– April 10, 2013(Mainland China)
¡§The New Look of the Year of Snake¡¨¡XDYXnet¡¦s Partners Salon
–April 3, 2013 (Mainland China)
Call Centre and BPO Industry Exchange
–March 21, 2013 (Mainland China)
China¡¦s Financial Cloud Summit
–March 13-15, 2013 (Mainland China)
Best Utilize Cloud Data Centre to Gain Full Control of IT Investment Costs
Over the past few years, the use of cloud computing technology has been growing at a rapid rate all over the world ...
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