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DYXnet Group praised at high level in Hong Kong for being a caring company

Our impressive track record in serving the community, supporting charitable and environmental causes and creating a family-friendly work culture has been recognised at high level in Hong Kong.

The Caring Company Award 2016/17 has been bestowed on DYXnet Group by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), which works closely with the HKSAR Government.

DYXnet Hong Kong’s HR and Admin Manager Christie Pang receives the Caring Company Award on behalf of the Group.

DYXnet Group was honoured at the Caring Company Partnership Expo 2017, which brought together some 3,000 awardees with 120-plus community-minded exhibitors.

DYXnet Group Founder and CEO Lap Man said: “We are thrilled to attain Caring Company status, especially as sound corporate citizenship is one of our most important values.”

He added: “This honour motivates us to take our efforts up a gear, as we collaborate with various stakeholders for the overall betterment of Hong Kong society.”

The Caring Company Scheme rewards organisations that help develop a more cohesive society by translating corporate social responsibility into positive action.

Caring Company” status has been conferred on DYXnet Group by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

Raising funds for charities has involved selling flags and taking part in walkathon events, while other efforts have included assisting low-income families and supporting non-governmental organisations seeking to alleviate poverty.

Marketing & Corporate Communications Group Director Floria Chan (third from right) helps hand out fresh fish to low-income families as part of DYXnet’s title sponsorship activities at last year’s Dragon Boat Festival.

Staff members were happy to hike in support of “Leapers 2016” organised by Compassion Revival. As well as sponsoring the event, DYXnet Group helped raise funds for the “Adopt a Village” and “Children Sponsorship” programs.

Meanwhile, our commitment to sustainable development has manifested itself in initiatives to reduce use of paper and recycling wherever possible.

We also focus sharply on career development for employees and their overall well-being, giving rise to mutual trust and respect and a healthy office style that keeps stress at bay. Our Kwai Fong workplace features 120-degree workstations served by natural light, along with ergonomic desks beneficial to posture.

Our Hong Kong office features 120-degree workstations served by natural light, along with adjustable desks that help posture because they allow staff members to stand while working.

A recreation area at the Kwai Fong office offers darts, billiards, mini-table tennis and PlayStation 4, as well as a massage chair.

“Happy Friday” sees colleagues “downing tools” early once a month so they can play games and eat together. And a social club organises fitness sessions, bowling tournaments, cookery classes and barbecue gatherings.

“Happy Friday” sees colleagues playing games and dining together in collegial style.

A social club helps generate friendship, trust and respect between us all.

DYXnet’s award-winning pro-family initiatives include a five-day week, compassionate and paternity leave, plus a fun day for families. And a big hit in the new Metroplaza office is a recreational area featuring darts, mini-table tennis and PlayStation 4 fun, plus a therapeutic massage chair.

DYXnet Group was honoured on March 10 at the Caring Company Partnership Expo 2017, where more than 3,000 awardees mingled with 120-plus community-friendly exhibitors.

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service is a federation of non-governmental agencies established in 1947 to co-ordinate social work after the Second World War and now represents more than 450 agencies running 3,000 welfare units.