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Sponsorship of the “Family + Fish DYXnet Group Charity Cup” race brings out the best in our corporate culture

Productive teamwork, concern for the community and competitive spirit blended when DYXnet Group sponsored the “Family + Fish DYXnet Group Charity Cup” race for the third consecutive year.

The epic paddle dash off the Aberdeen Promenade Waterfront was organised by the Aberdeen Dragon Boat Race Committee as part of the Dragon Boat or Tueng Ng Festival in Hong Kong on May 30.

DYXnet team members get psyched up ready for the race, while family and friends prepare to cheer them on in the traditional spirit of dragon boat racing.

Team DYXnet was decked out in special T-shirts, while custom-made carbon fibre paddles bearing an orange dragon icon helped our rowers channel energy into propulsion with greater efficiency, thanks to a stiffer and lighter design.

This scientific approach to generating more paddle power reflected DYXnet Group’s characteristic innovation and determination to succeed against all odds.

Decked out in company T-shirts and headgear, the DYXnet team wield customised carbon fibre paddles bearing a lucky orange dragon icon.

Our 20-strong DYXnet crew of heroes demonstrated true-grit determination when training for the big day. Mental attitude and physical effort make all the difference if we want to be competitive.

Prizes were awarded by Paul Chan Mo-po, GBS, MH, JP, the HKSAR Government’s Financial Secretary.

Lap Man (right) joins with Paul Chan Mo-po, GBS, MH, JP, the HKSAR Government’s Financial Secretary (Centre); and Mrs Chan Lee Pui Ying, Chairlady, Organizing Committee, Aberdeen Dragon Boat Race (left); to present prizes after the race.

We won fourth place honours, thanks to a supreme effort from the DYXnet crew.

Unity is strength – and support from family and friends was a great source of encouragement.

A highly-significant pre-race highlight was the “Family + Fish” element of DYXnet Group’s sponsorship on May 26, when Marketing & Corporate Communications Group Director Floria Chan helped hand out nutritious fresh fish to low-income families and the elderly.

DYXnet Marketing & Corporate Communications Group Director Floria Chan (second from left) hands out fresh fish to low-income families as a demonstration of the traditional Chinese values of unity, social obligation and gratitude.

The Family + Fish Charity Cup race has been overseen by the Aberdeen Dragon Boat Race Committee since 2012. And all proceeds are used to purchase 3,000 pieces of fresh fish for the not so fortunate in Hong Kong.

DYXnet Group’s 20-strong team was led by Founder & CEO Lap Man, alongside Resources Sharing Centre President Wallace Ng, and comprised members of staff drawn from the Hong Kong office.

The DYXnet team trained tirelessly for the competition.

Our enthusiastic paddlers trained doggedly for the race and promised to make life at sea no pushover for hot competitors MTR, Tsui Wah Restaurant and Herbalife.

Lap Man said: “We are delighted to be three-times title sponsor of the Family + Fish DYXnet Group Charity Cup race because it is an ideal way of translating our corporate culture into supporting charity, fostering fellowship and putting our natural competitive spirit to work in a fun way.”

He added: “This is also a great bonding opportunity, especially during the arduous training period, during which we all buy into a common goal – winning! And we contribute to the community at the same time. In fact, I hope to see greater support for this event in coming years, so more companies like us can focus on helping unprivileged families and the elderly in Hong Kong.”